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Benefits of Virtual Queuing

Having a call center where you interact with customers means that there is a chance to experience moments when the number of calls coming through is higher than usual leading to a situation where the agents handling such calls can be overwhelmed with the job at hand. The the occurrence of the unexpected client traffic coming through the calls made to a call center leads to cases of queuing that results in many people being on hold as they wait for the next agent that can be free to talk to them and offer necessary advice. It is possible for the organization to provide details regarding the queuing of clients‘ calls by informing them about the length of time that they can expect to be on hold before the next agent can be free to serve their needs.

The case of informing customers who are making calls about the conditions of the queue and the time they can wait until an agent serves them is called virtual queuing, and it plays an important role in the positive experience for customers. There are several advantages of the virtual queuing feature when used in a business establishment with a customer care unit. First, virtual queuing creates the circumstances under which cases of clients tending to abandon their calls are minimized after eliminating the uncertainty that results from telling them to hold without specifying how long it will take before they speak to the next agent. When virtual queuing is enforced, the customers are informed about the period of waiting so that they make the decision to wait on the call for an agent to speak to them or if they can hang up and receive a return call when the agent finishes with the previous client.

Secondly, the fact that a client is told when to call back according to the schedule of customer care agents means that there is little frustration to be expressed during the call making it straightforward and inclined to the provision of a solution to the clients‘ problem. The awareness created in the minds of clients regarding the queuing experience makes them want to speak about their problems quickly so that they can have the courtesy of allowing the agents to be free to attend to other clients who might have similar problems.

Thirdly, virtual queuing calls lead to reduction in the costs of making calls because the customers are not waiting to be served during the period when they wait for the agents to be free so that they can be called according to the queue order that was established. Lastly, the use of virtual queuing enhances customer satisfaction since they are aware of how much the establishment has tried to handle their needs notwithstanding the heavy traffic of calls.

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