Don’t worry about side effects

For some happy women, menopause only manifests itself by the end of menstruation. These women are about twenty percent. If you are not one of these lucky women, we can help you from the symptoms that are beginning to manifest with our purely natural Menox.

The symptoms of menopause could be divided into metabolic, organic and vegetative. If we catch up with metabolic changes, we can expect osteoporosis and atherosclerosis. Organic symptoms result in fat deposits especially in the lower body, i.e., weight change and further urogenital and skin changes. Thus, menopause can cause unpleasant pains during sexual intercourse even when urinating.
The main symptoms of menopause

Although the vegetative symptoms that menopause brings are unpleasant, your life will not compromise and you can use our product to be able to dampen it quite well. This includes moodiness, memory impairment, insomnia, night-time, heart palpitations and hot flushes.