Mácha Lake Chalets

Check out our Mácha lake huts. If you are wondering where you will spend this year's holiday, check out our Mácha Lake chalets. You can find everything you need for a full vacation on the Lake Mábreeding. Clean water, sandy beaches, discos, pedal boats, aquapark and much more. Mácha Lake Chalets Mácha's Lake Cottage is

Metal racks are very durable

The racks we offer you will use ordinary households, workshops, but also in various plants. To present your goods on the shelves then you can especially in the brick shops. ¨ If you are referring to renting storage space, our racks will help you save costs by saving goods and other materials so far. The

Sit back!

Get new office chairs with US Does your back hurt? Are you sitting on a non-compliant chair? Then it needs to be changed. Get new office chairs with us. Minimally reduce or eliminate your problem. You can choose a upholstered, leather, relaxing. We can also offer you those that are characterized by a more robust

Don’t worry about side effects

For some happy women, menopause only manifests itself by the end of menstruation. These women are about twenty percent. If you are not one of these lucky women, we can help you from the symptoms that are beginning to manifest with our purely natural Menox. The symptoms of menopause could be divided into metabolic, organic


Did you buy a chat? Then you'll need a shelf for the preserves. We are happy to help you with their selection. The universal stainless steel sheet has a load capacity of 100 kg per shelf. This type is bolted and the shelves can be adjusted in increments of 30 mm. Racks are delivered in

The best for your apartment

Have you seen a little house without Windows? Certainly not. From us you will surely delight and not disappoint and properly complement your house. So beautify your house and, in addition, ensure sufficient insulation. That's a good thing. We are a company with many years of experience in this area. Plastic windows are our domain.

ČEKIA-Certified Plastic windows

Soundproofing Plastic windows are what separates the warmth of your home from the often inhospitable outdoor weather. Therefore, you expect to be reliably and always thermally insulated. Our windows will surely not disappoint you in this regard. Try them out. Best post-Warranty window service We offer of course plastic windows. At fair price and in

Brochure Racks

Brochure Racks Leaflets are an integral part of marketing campaigns and their distribution to key customer locations is commonplace. No wonder, then, that in the entrance of your house, several times a week, advertising materials are lying, which then make a mess and do not have their place. But if you had a brochure stands

Washers under Chairs

What we are going to talk about, each of us surely has a matter, which he has to deal with and he does not know with her counsel. Lately, often, people complain about office chairs that literally look through carpets and floors. Is this your case, too? In this case, the pads are under a

An indispensable part of every office

Office chair An office without a proper office chair is like a body without a soul. This is why you should purchase a quality and luxurious office chair in your study, which would stop you from harassing your pain and back problems and making your desk or computer work better. Office chair If you think