Simple but playful lines

You equip the apartment, but you don't know the advice? Then read CAREFULLY! Arrange it simply, but effectively and practically. No dust traps or any other useless cleaning! On the contrary, spaciality and openness, it is the motto of modern living.

All tailored!
People are now fond of making furniture that is exactly the same as a predetermined place. Not only a tailor-made kitchen, but also a table, a chair, or a bed, you can keep it all on the golden Czech hands of a handy craftsman.

Get Up!
First of all, in winter, we are appetit to the hole as a polar bear. And for this purpose, for example, curtains are used, which you pull over the winter and spring away again. Similar functions as curtains have bushy blankets and pads, thanks to which you can take a warm up.

What about you? Without what furniture or accessory can you imagine life? Do you like retro equipment, or do you prefer a modern, simple style?