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Dorm Styled Refrigerators and the Medical/Vaccine Grade Refrigerators

For many consumers, when faced with the need to find a refrigerator meant for medical purposes, it is often the case that they opt for the common household refrigerators and not going for the ones that have been purpose built for medical applications. For the untrained eye, it is hard to see any difference there may be in these two kinds of refrigerators.

Generally, we all know that a refrigerator serves mainly to keep the contents therein as cool but this doesn’t mean that whatever kind or grade of refrigerator you may come across out there would be as good and ideal to help with the need to store some of these sensitive items and materials like vaccines and medical samples used in a medical set up such as a laboratory. Due to this it as such so follows that the common household grade refrigerators do not quite fit into the bill for the kind of storage and cooling supplies to be used in a scientific set up and this is a fact that has been established by a number of researches and studies into these. This article takes a look at some of the factual effects that an inefficient refrigeration will have on your samples and vaccines and as such a showcase of the very reason as to why you only need to have in place the purpose built medical grade refrigerators for your laboratory or medical clinic.

Looking at the recommendation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, on the refrigeration and freezing requirements for vaccines, those to be refrigerated should be ever staying so refrigerated between the temperatures of 2 degrees and 8 degrees Celsius and for the ones to the frozen, the temperatures are to be maintained between -50 degrees and -15 degrees Celsius. Should they happen to go beyond these particular limits in temperatures for storage, the vaccines are known to end up losing their potency and as such can only be said to be useless. As such, we see that for the facilities that will have so logged their refrigerator temperatures for monitoring, they will be able to tell of any fall or slip in the temperatures and in the event that this happens, they will only have to dispose or discard such damaged vaccines while it gets to be even trickier for those who don’t even monitor these as they will not be able to tell of any compromise there may be on the vaccines that they so keep in these refrigerators.

Given these sorts of challenges and issues when it comes to storage of vaccines and scientific samples, it would only be wise of you to go for the medical grade refrigerators and freezers for your set up, whether it is a laboratory, pharmacy and the like, for they have been designed and built for these specific needs.
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