Something for Mom

Do you have a mother who is lonely, disappointed with life and would prefer not to go anywhere, just sat at home? Isn't that a shame? Try to help her. She doesn't want to give an ad, but you can do it for her. In the free advertisements, one small tiny adverts need to be someone who is alike, impresses. They'll change the numbers and they'll know how they're on the meeting. You don't have to get her a new man right now, a friend will suffice.
Something for Dad
Parents are divorced, but each of them has a different problem-mom's solitude and dad unemployment. So help him. He gave up everything after going to the auditions and offers of the Labor office. It was still just a menu where they always took those younger people interested in the job. And dad would just be A regular brigade. Free classifieds are here for you. Maybe this time!