The experienced

A massive interior door passed through the corridor to his father's office. The expression of Admirance settled on his face. The oak office was perhaps even more flasher than he remembered when he had been away a year ago. The father wanted to, before his post, Adam's year worked in the subsidiary he founded. Abroad to practise a foreign language.
Other culture
At first he was reluctant to Adam, but he had to admit that it was an amazing experience. The year in Japan escaped as water, and he, apart from business and economy, learned another language, morality, and culture. When he returned after a year to greet his father and to negotiate exactly where his youngest son would come, his father left a message that he was in Switzerland. He says he'll be arriving tomorrow afternoon, he's got a whole weekend of work for him, but he says he's fun. Adam was ashamed for a moment, hoping that his father had not learned of what he was doing with the Secretari.